Video options:

-vframes number     set the number of video frames to output

-r rate             set frame rate (Hz value, fraction or abbreviation)

-s size             set frame size (WxH or abbreviation)

-aspect aspect      set aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9 or 1.3333, 1.7777)

-bits_per_raw_sample number  set the number of bits per raw sample

-vn                 disable video

-vcodec codec       force video codec ('copy' to copy stream)

-timecode hh:mm:ss[:;.]ff  set initial TimeCode value.

-pass n             select the pass number (1 to 3)

-vf filter_graph    set video filters

-ab bitrate         audio bitrate (please use -b:a)

-b bitrate          video bitrate (please use -b:v)

-dn                 disable data

Advanced Video options:

-pix_fmt format     set pixel format

-intra              deprecated use -g 1

-rc_override override  rate control override for specific intervals

-sameq              Removed

-same_quant         Removed

-passlogfile prefix  select two pass log file name prefix

-deinterlace        this option is deprecated, use the yadif filter instead

-psnr               calculate PSNR of compressed frames

-vstats             dump video coding statistics to file

-vstats_file file   dump video coding statistics to file

-vstats_version     Version of the vstats format to use.

-intra_matrix matrix  specify intra matrix coeffs

-inter_matrix matrix  specify inter matrix coeffs

-chroma_intra_matrix matrix  specify intra matrix coeffs

-top                top=1/bottom=0/auto=-1 field first

-vtag fourcc/tag    force video tag/fourcc

-qphist             show QP histogram

-force_fps          force the selected framerate, disable the best supported framerate selection

-streamid streamIndex:value  set the value of an outfile streamid

-force_key_frames timestamps  force key frames at specified timestamps

-hwaccel hwaccel name  use HW accelerated decoding

-hwaccel_device devicename  select a device for HW acceleration

-hwaccel_output_format format  select output format used with HW accelerated decoding

-vc channel         deprecated, use -channel

-tvstd standard     deprecated, use -standard

-vbsf video bitstream_filters  deprecated

-vpre preset        set the video options to the indicated preset